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Success Stories

Our graduates thrive at small startups and big businesses alike. From growing brands to Fortune 500 companies, our graduates are currently enjoying success in a variety of settings.

"The hiring process through GA is the way recruiting is meant to be done. Hiring over resumes is flawed, impersonal and often replete with jargon. Hiring events and student profiles give candidates (and companies) an efficient way to interact where the job candidate really gets an opportunity to shine. Having a portfolio at the ready is an indispensable way for a hiring manager to see first-hand what capabilities a candidate has."

- Ron Lin / Co-founder & CTO, Card.com

Network Effect

Our alumni community is a collective group of creators made up of individuals who are motivated, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and are equipped with the most in-demand skills of the 21st century.

99% of GA's full-time graduates get a job within 180 days of starting their job search.

Students learn online, and on campus at 20 locations across four continents.

Over 35,000 individuals have graduated from our full- and part-time programs.

Our Mission

General Assembly is an educational institution that transforms thinkers into creators through education in technology, business and design. Our global network of students, instructors, and entrepreneurs aims to bring people together to take advantage of a new kind of learning-by-doing approach to education.

Talent Pool

Our Profiles hiring platform allows you to explore and connect with our graduate network at your convenience.

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Graduates of our Immersive courses create and manage personal pages that tell their professional stories, highlighted by their past experience, skills, and projects—helping to provide a rounded image of potential job candidates.

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Filter by skills, location, graduation date, course, desired position and more, so you can quickly find the right talent for the job.

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General Assembly’s number one goal is to help our students find work they love. No placement fees or costs to post a job.

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