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Opportunity Fund’s mission is made possible with the generosity and support of some of the world’s most innovative corporations, foundations, and philanthropists.

Fund a Fellowship

Contribute capital toward Opportunity Fund fellowships

Hire Talent

Access to a diverse pool of employable talent

Make an Impact

Drive tangible social impact and diversity in their communities

Our Family of Benefactors

Alexis Ohanian Greg Gunn Kat Cole

Increasing diversity in tech is important, if for no other reason, than we ought to benefit from as many ideas and from as many people as possible.

- Alexis Ohanian, Opportunity Fund Benefactor


We work with mission-aligned nonprofit partners who are committed to making a positive impact on society and dedicated to diversity, empowerment, and education.

Promote Opportunities

Provide education and employment opportunities for constituents

Gain Volunteers

Work with volunteers with expertise in technology, design, and business

Make an Impact

Increase capacity to scale impact and drive positive change

Our Nonprofit Partners


I’d like to think that both ScriptEd and Opportunity Fund and our volunteers and everyone that’s involved in what we are doing is really just a community of people that are really interested in seeing the tech industry become more diverse.

- Maurya Couvares, Executive Director at ScriptEd