• Andre

    “I’m given the resources, space and authority to figure out what’s going to work best for students and make that happen literally the next day. It’s really easy to see the impact of everything we’re doing on people, almost immediately.”

    Product Manager - Education, New York

  • Jessica

    “GA is rethinking higher education, and I want to be a part of that. I'm blown away by what our students are able to accomplish during their courses. We get to see a lot of people grow professionally and personally every day.”

    Product Lead - Part Time Courses, New York

  • Vince

    “We have a really strong brand. One of the best parts of GA is how collaborative we are behind the scenes as well as in the classroom. That’s not just what we put out as a front, it’s something that we live and breathe as well.”

    Director of Product Management, New York

  • Danoosh

    “We try to focus on the student experience. As soon as a student walks into the space, they get a sense of the community, the action and the student-centered design.”

    Producer - Admissions, San Francisco

Mission & Vision

Our vision is a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love. Our mission is to grow that community by transforming a generation of thinkers into creators.

    We Do This By:

  • Delivering best in class, practical education in technology, business, and design.
  • Providing access to opportunities that build skills, confidence, and freedom in one’s career.
  • Building a global network of entrepreneurs, practitioners, and participants invested in each other’s success.

Current Job Openings

We’re constantly looking for talented individuals — regardless of height or hair color — to join our growing team. Please review our list of positions to find current openings. If you don't see a good match, check back frequently. New roles are posted often.